Elena Berton
I recall when I was a child my mother took me to an atelier to select leathers for a bag following her desires, created solely for her. Remembering the confident hands quickly cutting and sewing the most precious materials, the odor of leather, the sensation of fingers brushing the surface, I was confronted with a new form of emotion. The roots of my passion for such extraordinary objects was born in the skilled hands of our Italian craftsmen.

This "Red Ribbon" has followed me through the years of my work; a patient quest for genuine manufacturing, uniting creativity with traditional techniques of the precious materials while paying special care to the details. This philosophy gave birth to a line of limited series "one of a kind" accessories, with leather tanned using natural pigments and produced in Italy by hands combining time, experience and skill able to produce such an exclusive object.

A product "made by hand" is unique. It is designed and made to fascinate the owner, to provoke passion in the person who has chosen it. Such a product is part of your identity. Someone who identifies with such an object doesn't hide behind but makes it part of herself.

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