Behind the Scenes

We are proud to share some impressions of the preparations of our very special event for the opening of the upcoming exhibition ,,In Stein gemeißelt" of Maestro Fabio Viale in the Glyptothek Munich. We are very excited to present the Best of Elena Berton in this astonishing setting.





Masters of Venice

These are the hands of a very special person, one of the best among the Venetian craftsmen, who are still able to create the perfect shape for a shoe. This is the last generation of artisans, masters of their craft who work with heart and commitment in every single step of production. Elena supports these people, she shares their values and philosophy and tries to give them a future.







Urban chic

We have our new mascot Boomer, The English Bulldog, who supports our team and photographer Ruben.





The traditions of a craftsman

Here you can see Roberto (72) working on my new handwoven handbag collection. He is the owner of a 50 year old family business and is working alongside family members on preserving theirs craftsmanship traditions.

In the heart of a marble quarry

The abandoned marble quarry in the mountains above Pietrasanta was our location for the latest Photo series. When entering the quarry though the slim but 15m tall tunnel, one feels the immense energy coming from the rock. Standing inside, surrounded by gigantic walls of white and grey marble we know we found the right spot for the black and white themed Shoot. We hope you agree with us and enjoy the photos!